Paid for treatment for Roman A.

7 сентября, 2022

Roman A., born in 2008 already this fall, she will begin undergoing a course of complex rehabilitation treatment, consisting of several stages throughout the year at St. Petersburg City Hospital No. 40, St. Petersburg, at a cost of 244,600 rubles….
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Successes of Timofey T. after rehabilitation

24 августа, 2022

  One of the wards of the Foundation, Timofey T., underwent another course of rehabilitation at Doctor Myshlyaev’s Clinic LLC (Rehabilitation Center “Born Again”), Nizhny Novgorod. Timofey T., born in 2011, required: a course of rehabilitation at Doctor Myshlyaev’s Clinic…
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Results of Valeria P. after the course of treatment

18 августа, 2022

Valeria P., born in 2014, required: a course of treatment at the rehabilitation treatment clinic of OOO Akademik, Moscow, costing  114,170 rubles. Diagnosis: consequences of meningoencephalitis from 2015, symptomatic focal epilepsy, infantile spasm syndrome, hypotonic-astatic syndrome, delayed psycho-speech development, converging constant alternating strabismus,…
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Results after the rehabilitation course of Timur K.

15 августа, 2022

The ward of the Dima’s Dream Charitable Foundation underwent a rehabilitation course at the Adeli-Penza FEC. Diagnosis:  cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. During the rehabilitation, Timur received the following medical services : – General massage (60 minutes), 20 sessions – exercise therapy (motor gymnastics), 20…
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The results of Danila R. after the course of rehabilitation

11 августа, 2022

Danila needed a rehabilitation course at Adeli-Penza LLC, Penza, after undergoing a very complicated operation on two hip joints, knees and feet in the city of Kurgan at the FGBU “NMITSTO im. ak. Ilizarov of the Ministry of Health of Russia. Since Danila is…
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Paid for treatment for Artem G.

10 августа, 2022

Required: Rehabilitation course at the FOC “Adeli – Penza”, Penza, costing 212,000 rubles. After the rehabilitation course, it is expected that the  child will learn to walk independently, the muscles will get stronger. Diagnosis:  cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis. We were…
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