Christmas card and Happy New Year – helping our children with disabilities

On New Year and Christmas, different generations and peoples follow a good tradition – they congratulate each other with holiday cards. Diema’s Dream Charitable Foundation supports this tradition! Congratulate relatives, friends, colleagues on the New Year holidays as part of our “Charity Instead of Souvenirs” campaign. Its participants – people and companies – choose charity instead of New Year’s souvenirs and postcards. They take part in a good deed, and relatives, friends and partners of the company receive a postcard that brought help to the wards of our foundation.

We are happy to provide you with original greeting cards, designed by talented Russian artist Natalya Voronina. Wish your loved ones a Happy New Year 2023 by making a memorable donation!
All proceeds will be used to implement the Foundation’s Charitable Programs

We will accept your financial assistance under a donation agreement from you or your company. You determine the amount of the donation.

We collect wonderful gift sets of 5 postcards and 5 envelopes!

The Charity Instead of Souvenirs initiative was launched in Russia in 2007. This is a joint action of Russian and international companies that send their “New Year’s budgets” to charity. The action is designed to build a bridge between businesses that are not indifferent to the problems of society and non-profit organizations working to solve these problems.

Every year, thousands of companies spend millions of rubles on the purchase of New Year’s calendars, pens, notepads to congratulate colleagues and business partners. The cycle of corporate souvenirs is reaching epidemic proportions. According to the research company Comcon 2, companies spend about US$400–650 million on New Year greetings.

At the same time, there are better uses for these tools. There are many unresolved social problems in our country. For example, children with severe developmental disorders need the help of highly qualified specialists and additional rehabilitation. The social orphanhood of children with disabilities and the risk of abandoning such a child are growing, the number of children with disabilities is growing. The Charity Instead of Souvenirs initiative is an opportunity for companies to do their part to mitigate social ills. On one side of the scale are corporate calendars gathering dust in office cabinets; on the other – the saved life of a child or gratitude in the eyes of a single mother of a disabled child. A thousand corporate souvenirs and funds spent on a good deed are incomparable.

Thinking about the meaning of New Year’s gifts, an increasing number of companies are deciding in favor of real good deeds. Non-profit organizations, charitable foundations, orphanages know how to use the funds saved by companies in such a way that they really bring joy, ease pain and suffering, and improve the living conditions of people in need.

Gifts matter.