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Are you aware there are children who are more often left in the state care than others, even if their parents are well off? These children are special, and at the same time they are just like us – they also need love, socializing, and care, just like we do. They can feel joy and pain, just like us. Only they have to suffer more.

It is within our power to surround them with care and attention, and show interest to their life.

The “Dreaming of life” Charitable Program is implemented jointly with the institutions of social care and education, and is administered and financed by the Diema’s Dream Fund.

Diema’s Dream Fund helps children with developmental disorders in orphanages and residential care homes by doing the following:


  1. Paying for medical treatment and rehabilitation technology as recommended for a specific child; 
  2. Paying for training materials on development and education of these children; 
  3. Running a range of activities to improve the quality of life of such children (buying personal hygiene products, educational toys, educational materials, clothes, and shoes, and organizing holiday time in summer, etc.).

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