15 апреля, 2021

Little Misha will go to rehab!

Despite the difficult diagnosis and epidemiological situation in the country, little Misha does not give up, and continues his rehabilitation with small childish steps. Last year, thanks to your help and support, we paid for a complex genetic analysis for…
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11 апреля, 2021

Volunteers for a car are required

We need help to deliver material aid to orphanages. Our wards are given computers, furniture, specialized toys, hygiene products. In terms of travel time, they are scheduled for some dates from 12 to 30 April. Now they give more than…
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19 марта, 2021

Next week Misha starts his way to new “heights”.

Already on Tuesday, one of our wards, Misha K., will begin a long-awaited rehabilitation course, which we were able to pay for thanks to your help and support. Required: a rehabilitation course at the Prognoz RC (St. Petersburg) worth 147,000…
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12 марта, 2021

Danila and his mother are waiting for our help

Danila was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was 1 year old. The doctors shrugged their shoulders: “Humble yourself, he won’t even sit by himself, let alone walk and take care of himself” … But Danila’s mother began to fight…
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10 марта, 2021

The salt cave in the Bobrovsky orphanage is installed

We have just received great news from the Bobrovsky Orphanage! In the fall of 2020, with the help of our benefactors, we raised funds and purchased a salt cave for the Bobrovsky orphanage worth 671,500 rubles, including delivery and installation….
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