9 февраля, 2024

Gifts were delivered to children in orphanages

Children from two orphanages were given sets of board games and educational toys, as well as sweet gifts. For 33 orphans from the village of Almazovo and the city of Losino-Petrovsky. Gifts were provided by the Renaissance Capital company and…
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8 ноября, 2023

Results of the big July rehabilitation of Anna V.

Thanks to Maria Aglushevich, Ambassador of our foundation, who donated the necessary amount, Anna V., born in 2010, Moscow, successfully completed a rehabilitation course in July. Required: a rehabilitation course at the Rodnik Children’s Center, Moscow, costing 248,300 rubles. Diagnosis:…
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7 ноября, 2023

Оплатили долгожданный курс реабилитации для Софии В., 2012 г.р., с. Октябрьский, Республика Удмуртия

Required: Rehabilitation course at the “You’re Healthy” educational center, Penza, costing 204,000.00 rubles. Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, mixed form of spastic tetraparesis, mental retardation. What is expected after the rehabilitation course: the child will learn and strengthen independent walking on a…
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