To the Companies

For companies in our fund, the Club of Friends Making Dreams Come True is open!
Its goal is to unite the efforts of the fund and corporate donors in order to increase the effectiveness of support for orphans and disabled children. Any company or entrepreneur who has made a charitable donation and rendered gratuitous assistance to the Foundation with goods or services can enter the Club.

The Fund has developed cooperation formats that will help companies achieve their goals in the field of corporate social responsibility. These are joint events, promotions, involvement of employees and customers, timely reporting, individual support programs, and more.

The key event of the year for the members of the Club and the fund is the Mind Game!
Also, any company that has made a donation to our foundation will be able to take advantage of the tax relief when calculating income tax.

All the details are here! (link to the presentation of the Regulations of the Club)


We are always open to cooperation with companies, implementing programs of corporate social responsibility (CSR). We conduct interesting events for our children, and we will be happy to include these in your corporate volunteering programs. We also often need the help of lawyers, financial consultants, translators, and psychologists on a pro-bono basis.

For those, who regularly support our children, we are ready to offer the status of the Trustee of our Fund. If you are interested in the program of for installing moneyboxes in your offices, write to us at: