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ANO “Resource Center for the Prevention of Social Orphanhood” (Ryazan);

ANO TsSP “Good deed” (Ryazan);

GBU “Arzamas house of social services for children “Mayak” (Nizhny Novgorod region);

State Budgetary Institution of the City of Moscow “City Psychological and Pedagogical Center of the Department of Education and Science of the City of Moscow”;

State Budgetary Institution of the City of Moscow “Moscow House of Public Organizations” (Moscow);

State Budgetary Institution of the Kaluga Region Rehabilitation Center “Doverie” (Obninsk);

GBUSO “Bobrovsky orphanage-boarding school for mentally retarded children”, Pskov region;GKU “Elatomsky orphanage – a boarding school for mentally retarded children” (Ryazan region);

GKU “Pervomaisky orphanage – a boarding school for mentally retarded children” (Kostroma region);

State Treasury Institution of Social Services of the Moscow Region Family Center for Assistance to Families and Children «Doverie»;

GOU Tula region “Kimovskaya school”OGBUZ “Specialized home for a child with an organic lesion of the central nervous system with a mental disorder”, Kostroma;

Psychoneurological boarding school No. 11 (state institution) of the Department of Social Protection of the Population of the City of Moscow;

Federal State Budgetary Institution “Federal Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise” of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation;

Center for Curative Pedagogics and Differentiated Education, Pskov;Center for the Promotion of Family Education “Southern Butovo” (Moscow);

Center for the Promotion of Family Education “Skolkovskiy” (Moscow);

Center for social support and rehabilitation (Moscow);

Center for social support and rehabilitation “Seven-I” (Moscow).



Ararat Park Hyatt

Boeing Russia

Charitable Foundation «Shop of Joys«

Clifford Chance

Coca Cola Hellenic

DeGolyer and MacNaughton

Diema’s Dream Foundation / Mary DudleyСAF

English International School West

Fitness One

GlobalGiving Foundation

Goldman Suchs

Hyatt Regency

Morgan Lewis

OOO Sistema A


Pride Club

Renaissance Capital

Renaissance-FC LLC

Renault Россия

The Promise

Tony Watkins & Smokebreakers

Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation

White & Case

World Forgotten Children Foundation

Major private benefactors

Ambassador of the Foundation – Maria Aglushevich

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In 2016, we thank:

101XP Labs LLC

Ararat Park Hyatt



Brown lizard

Clifford Chance

Coca Cola Hellenic

DeGolyer and MacNaughton

Electronic Arts




Mariott Hotel

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Lewis

Pony Express, A-Promotion


Renault Russia

Renessans Capital

Sec Hospitality Training and Consulting

UFG Asset Management


White & Case


Pride Club


Cafe “Olympia”

Orchestra DREAMS


City Invest

Taxi Orange

Trading House GUM

Beehive Kettering


Diema’s Dream Foundation

GlobalGiving Foundation

ARDI “Light”, Vladimir

BF DSP Foundation

CAF Russia

Team Bulldogs-2003 St. Petersburg

The Vityaz team-2008 Podolsk

Team Dynamo Moscow 2003

Team Dynamo Moscow 2008

Team Dynamo New Riga-2008

Team Dynamo-2008 Moscow

Team Wings of Soviets-2003

Team Wings-2008, Lobnya

Team Meteor 2 – 2008 Moscow

Team Meteor-2008 Moscow

The team Odintsovo-2003

Team Rus-2008

Team Northern Star-2003 Moscow

Team Northern Star-2008 Moscow

Team SKA – 2003 St. Petersburg

Team Snow Leopards-2003 Moscow

Team FCO “Dynamo-New Riga”

The team of HC “Crystal” Saratov

The team of HC “Peter” -2003

The team of CSK Moscow – 2008

Team Cherepovets

National Charitable Foundation

Center for Curative Pedagogy

St. George’s School


State Historical Museum

State Institution of the City of Moscow “Recreation and Sports Center SOTS-IN”

Ministry of Social Protection of the population of Ryazan region

Administration of Odintsovo municipal district of Moscow region

MAUS “Odintsovo sports and entertainment complex”

Hockey Federation of Moscow

SDYUSHOR Dynamo (Moscow)

Elatom orphanage for mentally retarded children, branch of Mercy

Center for the promotion of family organization “Faith. Hope. Love”

Kim’s children’s home

Efremov special (correctional) boarding school VIII type

Psycho-neurological boarding school No. 18 of the Department of Social Protection of Population

Psycho-neurological boarding school № 11 of the Department of social protection of the population

May Day children’s home for mentally retarded children

Almazov special (correctional) boarding school VIII type

Center for Assistance to Family Organization “Trust”


ANO “Center for Social Assistance and Adaptation for people diagnosed with cerebral palsy and other limited health opportunities” Ski dreams “by Sergei Belogolovtsev”

GAU RC “Tekstilshchiki”

State Bank of the Republic of Mari El “TsPRNR”

DRC “Spring”

LLC “Academy of Health”

OOO “Evroped”

LLC “Healthy childhood”

LLC “Healthy generation”

OOO “Clinic Govorovo”

OOO “PrognozMed”

OOO “Reacenter Samara”

OOO “RC Shamarina”

OOO DOC “I’ll go myself”

LLC MC “Love Angel”

OOO MC “Sakura”

OOO RC “Sakura”

RC together with my mother

RC “Kind Hands”

FGBU “Evpatoria Children’s Clinical Sanatorium”

The Federal Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation


“Marfo-Mariinsky Medical Center” Mercy ”

International Women’s Club Moscow


ANO “Ski dreams”

ANO AVC “Make a Step”

Charity Foundation for Deafblind Support

BF “Volunteers to help orphans”

BF “Fund for Support of Deafblind” Co-Unity ”

GAU Scientific and Practical Center for Medical and Social Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities named after L.I. Shvetsovoy

GAU Rehabilitation Center “Tekstilshchiki”

GBOU “School 2107”

GBOU Rehabilitation and Education Center № 105

GBOU Rehabilitation and Education Center № 7



Moscow City Center for Complex Rehabilitation of the Disabled Butovo

GBU Center “Childhood”


GBU SsCV “Lesnoy”

GBU SsCV “Our Home”

GKU CSsV “Trust”

GKCS of the “Kuntsevsky”

GKSP TsSVV “Petrovsky Park”

SKSU CSRL “Skolkovskiy”

GKRS SSCV “Sokolenok” DTSZN Moscow

GKRS TsSRV “Central” DTiSZN of Moscow

GKUP of the “South Butovo”


GPPT TO Zelenogradskoye

Children pro

Marfo-Mariinsky Medical Center “Mercy”

MBDU number 84

MHARDI, Federation of Water Sports for Persons with Mental Disabilities

Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov, family kindergarten GBOU school № 1002, tutelage Solntsevo


OGBOU “Rybnovskaya boarding school for orphans and children left without parental care”

North and South Medvedkovo

Foster family pilot project

Rehabilitation Education Center №76

Ombudsman for Human Rights in Moscow

FGBU FB ITU Ministry of Labor of Russia

Vladimir Smirnov Foundation

SSPC “Sputnik”

In 2015, we thank:



Lavrenty Bruni, Eduard Abzhinov, Vladimir Brainin, Ima Montoya, Leonid Semeiko, Lusia Popenko, Victor Bokarev, Mikhail Tikhonov, Floyd Douglas, Anna Kriklovenskaya, Igor Eliseev, Anna Koliberskaya, Shamil Nadrov, Pavel Lazarev, Valery Krasulin, Irina Sergeeva, Lisa Shukov , Andrey Prahov, Vlad Loktev, Alexey Vaulin