Purpose of the Fund
To improve the quality of life of orphans and children with severe and multiple developmental disorders (habilitation, rehabilitation, surgery, treatment and social adaptation). _BKH5027

Our Mission

  • To provide effective, professional and comprehensive support to children with serious and varied developmental disabilities and to their families
  • To help disabled children adapt to society and change the public attitude towards disabled people



All issues of the life of the organization, including: determining the priority areas of the Fund, the principles of formation and use of its property, changing the Charter of the Fund, election and early termination of the powers of the Council of the Fund, Director, Board of Trustees, Auditor, determining the procedure for admission to the founders of the Fund and exclusion from the founders of the Fund and others, are within the exclusive competence of the Council of the Fund (clause 6.4. of the Charter). The governing and supervisory bodies of the organization include: 


Foundation Council (Operatiobal Board): DSC00018

  • Volodina Elena Anatolyevna, director;
  • Burshtein Elizaveta Viktorovna;
  • Narkhov Igor Alekseevich.

Board of Trustees:

  • Pozharishchensky Konstantin Eduardovich – Head of the Children’s Orthopedic Department of the FBMSE of the Ministry of Labor of Russia, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, doctor of the highest category, an experienced specialist in the field of orthopedics and traumatology of children and adolescents.
  • Birshtein Anna Maksovna – Soviet and Russian artist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Laureate of the Silver Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts;
  • Utenkova-Tikhonova Elena Evgenievna – Russian artist and writer, member of the Moscow Union of Artists, laureate of the Moscow International Exhibition-Competition “Golden Brush”, (Citizen of the Russian Federation);
  • Koliberskaya Anna – Russian artist;
  • Evgenyeva Olga Andreevna – financial analyst, clinical psychologist;
  • Nazimova Natalya Evgenievna – head of an advertising agency, entrepreneur.

Ambassador of the Diema’s Dream Charitable Foundation:

Aglushevich Maria Alexandrovna


  • Sidorova Elena Alekseevna.

Elena Volodina, Director Diema’s Dream Russia. Works in the Fund since October 1, 2007.

Director of the Fund – Elena Volodina. She grew up in a foster family. For 8 years she herself was a foster parent for orphans, facing many difficulties and social problems. Since then, he has considered it a crime on the part of the guardianship authorities to create foster families without providing them with the necessary help and support from specialists: social educators, psychologists, lawyers, doctors. She was educated as a social educator, a lawyer, then she graduated from the postgraduate Russian-British Master’s program in Social Management. She completed an internship in the field of human resource management at the Management Center Insbruck, as well as the Summer School of Social Work in Dorbin, Austria.
First person:
– I go to the goal, even when the unknown is ahead, it’s scary and it seems that you need to do something unrealistic in order to achieve it. At the same time, I am an ordinary person, the same as everyone else, with my weaknesses.

We are happy to help as much as we can. The number of people in need of help is growing every year. We want to help and make this world a better place.”

The Foundation  was established on March 16, 2006.